Lab Manager and RAs

Lab Manager

Graeme Noble

As well as being Lab Manager, Graeme is also charging headfirst into his 4th year of Psychology, Neuroscience, & Behaviour in the Mental Health Specialization. His deep desire to participate and investigate music has propelled him into all sorts of avenues of performance, education, and research. Graeme’s unique endeavours through marching band, barbershop, and other rare fields of interest prove his divergent taste for musical harmony. His hope is to transfer this odd experience of music to provide novel perspectives to research within the lab. Graeme’s current research focuses on the importance of timbral composition and its effects on key nonadjaceny, as an extension of the research Joanna Spyra has been working on throughout her graduate studies. 

Hearing something in a natural timbre (the characteristic of a sound) builds a stronger memory for a musical key than an artificial sound.