Graduate Alumni

M.Sc in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Joanna Spyra, 2017

The Effects of Time & Events on the Perception of Nonadjacent Key Relationships (LINK)

Michael Barone, 2017

Bridging the Gap: Cognitive Approaches to Music Preference Using Large Datasets (LINK)

M.Eng in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Basel Al Akkad & Khaled Ali, 2013

Electronic Dance Music: Web-Based Social Network

Undergraduate Almuni

Honours Thesis Alumni

Maya Flannery, 2020

Personality and Preference for Acoustic Features in Music

Kelsea McCready, 2020

Sadness that will Stop You in Your Tracks: A Review of Parkinson’s and Depression

Upasana Panda, 2019

Dancification as an Interactive Dance Therapy Tool

Neerjah Skantharajah, 2019

Raga Knowledge on Expectations of Melodic Conformity

Maddie Cox, 2017

Interactive Dance Application for People with Parkinson’s: Feedback on Version 2

Colleen Tang Poy, 2017

Pupillary Dilations and Dancing in Tempo: Effects of Synchrony on Perceived Levels of Attractiveness

Chantal Belanger, 2016

Erasing Effects on Working Memory of Musical Modulation

Raganya Ponmanadiyil, 2016

Eye Movements, Attention, and Expert Knowledge in the Observation of Bharatanatyam Dance

Matthew Stodolak, 2016

Time vs. Events: The Perception of Non-Adjacent Key Relationships

Jotthi Bansal, 2015

Unlocking the Predictive Power of Personality on Music-Genre Exclusivity

Lauryn McLaren, 2015

“Throwback Jams”: Analyzing the Effects of Musical Genre on Reminiscence Bumps and Nostalgia

Lindsay Taylor, 2015

Structured Eye Movement During the Observation of Dance

Rosemary Lai, 2014

An Investigation of Eye Movements in the Observation of Dance

Corey Osborne, 2014

Setting Yourself Up for Success: The Truth About Songwriting

Joanna Spyra, 2014

Perceptual Asymmetry in Music

Naomi Thevatayalan, 2014

Forever Young: Analyzing the Effects of Reminiscence Bumps on Musical Preferences

Research Alumni

Practicum Students

Victoria Bednarek (2016)

Cristian Ivascu (2017)

Kurt DaCosta (2014–16)

Eric Xiao (2013–14)

Raiya Suleman (2016)

Shuying Zheng (2014–15)

Matthew Ha (2012)

Alicia Chhin (2016–17)

Shoshana Furman (2020-21)

Wendy Tang (2020-21)

Shiva Gheblehverdi (2019–20)

Alexandria Wong (2019–20)

Lauren Iafrate (2019)

Melissa Paul (2017–18)

Vagisha Pruthi (2017–18)

Annalise Sander (2017)

Maddie Cox (2015–16)

Colleen Tang Poy (2015–16)

Annilee Baron (2015)

Chantal Belanger (2014–15)

Kendra Oudyk (2014–15)

Tasmine Vandenberg (2014–15)

Lindsay Taylor (2014)

Jotthi Bansal (2013–14)

Joanna Spyra (2013)

Naomi Thevatayalan (2013)

Max Altman (2020)

Joel Affoon (2020)

Yubo “William” Zhang (2016)

Matthew Stodolak (2015)

Stephanie Salvador (2013–14)

Kyla Whelan (2011–12)

Rheanne Carleton (2016–17)

Audrey De Jong (2016–17)

Hillary Deverell (2016–17)

Heather Dowling (2016–17)

Robert Rawlins (2015)

Lab Assistants

Jessica Lamantia (2020) 

Madeline Komar (2019–20) 

Chelsea Mackinnon (2016, 2020)

Alexander Zaranek (2015–18) 

Jotthi Bansal (2013, 2015-16) 

Dora Rosati (2015–16) 

Mitchell “Mitch” Errygers (2015) Nick Rogers (2014–15) 

Ashley General (2014) 

Kevin Ly (2014)

Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) Recipients

Brandon Wild (2017)​

Catherine Renwick (2015)​

Stephanie Williams (2013, 2014)​

James Renwick (2013)​

Lab Manager Alumni

Neerjah Skantharajah (2019–2020)

Jotthi Bansal (2016–2018)