The International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC) is an interdisciplinary conference devoted to the dissemination of new, unpublished research relating to the field of music perception and cognition. ICMPC is usually held biennially and in recent years has involved multiple hubs around the world.

Aug 2018 - Montreal, Canada


The Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) is a scholarly organization dedicated to the study of music cognition. The cor aims of te society are (1) to further the scientific and scholarly understanding of music from a broad range of disciplines, including music theory, psychology, psychophysics, linguistics, neurology, neurophysiology, ethology, ethnomusicology, artificial intelligence, computer technology, physics and engineering; (2) to facilitate cooperation among scholars and scientists who are engaged in research in this interdisciplinary field; and (3) to advance education and public understanding of knowledge gained. The Society hosts biennial conferences, providing opportunities for members of the research community to present new research in the area of music cognition.

Aug 2019 - New York, USA

Aug 2017 - San Diego, USA


The McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind hosts an annual full-day scientific conference and poster session at McMaster. Each year, four or five prominent Music Cognition researchers from around the world are invited to present their latest research as it relates to a chosen theme. Attendees include psychologists, neuroscientists, musicians, educators, graduate and undergrad students, and interested community members.

Nov 2019 - McMaster University