The lab's research is generously supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research CouncilCanada Foundation for Innovation, as well as numerous other grants internal to McMaster. Funding has enabled McMaster students to be employed as summer research assistants, collaborators from overseas to visit and undertake research at McMaster, and for lab members to attend and present research at national and international conferences. In addition, the lab also receives assistance from the Research & High-Performance Computing Support group at McMaster, enabling much of the back-end computational workload to outsourced. Since the lab's inception in 2013, four students have been granted prestigious Undergraduate Student Research Awards, enabling them to work in the lab and contribute substantially to the team. Below is a summary of the funding received by the lab's director, Matthew Woolhouse, since his appointment to McMaster in 2011.



Award date



Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Partnership Development Grant

April 2015

Developing Analytical Methods for Researching Music-Download Behaviour on a Global Scale


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Insight Development Grant

June 2012

Global Music Listening Lab in Association with Nokia


CFI-LOF (as co-PI with Steven Brown, PNB)

Equipment Grant

March 2012

Dance: Quantifying Interpersonal Synchronization of Movement and Social Interaction


Internal University Funding

x10 Research Grants

July 2011-15



The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada is a federal funding agency that promotes and supports research in the social sciences and humanities.  SSHRC provides a major portion of the lab’s funding allowing us to hire students and research collaborators to study and work in the lab.


Innovation_LogoThe Canada Foundation for Innovation  is a funding body dedicated to furthering technological research infrastructure within Canada. Although created by the Government of Canada, the CFI operates as an independent, non-governmental body.


The Research Office for Administration, Development and Support (ROADS) assists McMaster researchers to apply for funding from external grant agencies such as SSHRC. Internal direct funding for the lab has also been secured from the Arts Research Board administered through ROADS.