Founded and directed by Associate Professor of Music, Matthew Woolhouse, the Digital Music Lab (DML) within the School of the Arts undertakes interdisciplinary research in the field of music cognition. The lab’s research covers three main areas: (1) musical pitch perception, (2) personality and musical preference, and (3) the positive effects of music and dance, particularly with respect to people with Parkinson’s disease.

The DML is one of two music cognition labs within the School of the Arts—the other being the MAPLE Lab run by Michael Schutz. Both labs are affiliated with the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind, home to the LIVELab, a world-class research-based performance theatre and testing centre. These facilities, together with dedicated teams of researchers, make McMaster University one of the foremost places to study music from an interdisciplinary perspective.

DML researchers include the primary investigator, Matthew Woolhouse, and a team of McMaster graduate and undergraduate students, research assistants, and international collaborators. The lab welcomes inquiries from prospective students, either seeking to undertake research-based courses (e.g., QQs) or graduate-level research. If you are interested and wish to get involved in the lab, please get in touch.